Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Getting Help in the Discussion Section

    3. Tools and Things You'll Need

    1. Drafting the Back Leg

    2. Drafting the Front Leg

    3. Drafting the Front Fly/Zipper

    4. Drafting the Front Pockets

    5. Drafting the Back Pockets

    6. Drafting the Waistband and Belt Loops

    7. Cutting out the Pattern From the Fabric

    1. Sewing the Front Fly/Zipper

    2. Sewing the Front Pockets

    3. Sewing the Back Pockets

    4. Sewing the Leg Panels

    5. Sewing the Waistband and Belt Loops

    6. Sewing the Bottom Hem, Buttons ad Finishing Details

    1. Conclusion

About this course

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  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You have unlimited access after purchase. You can log in in and view it as many times as you want, whenever you want. You can also rewind or fast forward, as needed.

  • What skill level do I need to make these pants?

    You will need to have a basic understanding of sewing. It is also good to have a basic understanding of pattern drafting. If you haven't done any pattern drafting before, I suggest taking my Introduction to Pattern Drafting course.

    You will also need to have a pant block to work off of. If you don't have one, my Drafting a Unisex Pant Block course will be just what you need to make one.

  • Is this a men's or women's pant?

    This technique can be used to make a classic pant/trouser for men, women and everyone else as the pattern is based off of your own unique measurements. You can adjust the pattern as you see fit to your own taste.


Cornelius Quiring

When I was 3 years old, I was in a farm accident that has left my body asymmetrical. I learned how to draft patterns and sew clothes to uniquely fit me. A way of embracing who I am. Today, I share my skills with those looking to do the same and empower themselves.

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